Copy based on research

and a li’l bit of magic

 (Just kidding … it’s actually science.)

What makes you a great candidate for my conversion copy?

You …


have a great, complex product and your customers have told you more than once that they don’t ‘get’ your website.


want your message to be boiled down to its bare essence so even a 6th grader could understand.


can barely wait to jump head first into research, knowing how valuable it is – from important business decisions to copy.

This is you and your pumped to get started?

Then here’s what will happen next.


The 4-step project process


Time to reconnoiter

First, we hop on a 15-minute video call where I get a better idea of the project – timeline, budget, and scope – and you have a chance to see if I’m a good fit as well.

Once we have a YES, I’ll walk you through my Statement Of Work for the finer details of the project. Time to sign the contract and start the project.

manuela on the phone
manuela pinchin a pencil


Unpacking the magnifier

I like to start the project with You. Learning about the company, interviewing you and your people.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A detailed questionnaire on your brand & company
  • A kickoff meeting (approx. 90 minutes) with interview
  • Additional sales team interviews if needed

When I know what you know and feel what you feel (creep alert), I’m ready to hop on the next train – your prospects and customers.

Depending on what we agreed on, I perform the following research:

  • Customer interviews
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer survey
  • On-site visitor poll
  • Digging into your analytics
  • Online message mining (of customer reviews)

Next, I fuse all the research into a tight, data driven hypothesis and share it with you. This is when, once you’ve given your OKAY, I’m ready to start with the first draft.

manuela pinchin a pencil


Writing sublime stuff 

By now I know your company and your customers like the back of my hand. It’s time for me to channel all this knowledge into a streamlined copy – using your customer’s own words.

Because who knows better than your customers, why your product is amazing?

(The answer is no one.)

You read the final result drafted into a high-converting wireframe and give me your feedback within a week. Be honest and tell me what you don’t like and where changes are needed (Editor’s Note: My clients often love the first draft from the get-go, but I will also respect if we see things differently). I want the final product to mirror your company while being an absolute babe to your prospects.

Manuela on laptop
Manuela on laptop
manuela with sun balloon


Testing is overrated (… said no one ever)

This is where the science part of the magic happens.

And this is the best part because … WHICH copywriter sticks around to evaluate the copy’s success?

Well I do.

Depending on what we agreed on, I’ll

  • test your headlines
  • measure the success of the web pages
  • sift through heat maps and scroll maps
  • compare page visit times

to see what worked, why, so you know how it can be improved in the future.

manuela with sun balloon

Pick the package that suits your needs best

michael dornan tili group reference

“Manuela carried out some analysis on our website with an aim to improve the content to assist in better understanding and conversion of visitors, at all times we felt Manuela’s engagement with our team was professional and thorough. The analysis Manuela did against our various customer personas provided insights into the key messaging our customers would respond to and allowed us to craft new pages and better statements to improve understanding and an increased conversion rate.”

Michael Dornan | CEO | Tili Group (SaaS)


With my copy, you‘ll


 increase your revenue


get more quality leads


raise your sign-ups and opt-ins

Book a call.