Software solution for utility connection and home move services

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The Background

Movinghub is a home and utility service company from Australia that has developed the first ever software to connect movers easily online. The company caters internationally to movers, realtors, software companies and providers for a mutually beneficial and profitable experience.

The Problem

Utility connection services are well known to the industry, creating a software was brand new and at times complex to explain. Movinghub was challenged to communicate their new product in a way that was simple to understand for their clients yet without reducing the complexity of their new service and features. With the goal to sell the product online, the goal was to have persuasive and hard-hitting copy that would sell for them. 

The Solution

After conducting extensive research, I found out that the customers most valued Movinghub’s fast and easy approach and how time saving the new software was to them. I created 4 landing pages for the distinct target groups and unique messaging. Additionally, I wrote the homepage, pricing, product tour and integrations page to optimize the sales funnel. 

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